CH Radost Jacob’s Well del Viento TR, JC

Breeders:  Barbara Binder (Borzoi del Viento) & Lynda C. Sarman (Radost Borzoi)
Owners:  Lynda Cattoni Sarman, Kirk Gillaspey, Patricia Hillyard & James Hillyard
DOB: March 07, 2003 – July 02, 2027
Sire: Am./Can./Intl. Ch. Kenai’s Aldebaren, “Orion”
Dam: Am./Can. Ch. Santa Clara del Viento, JC “Clara”

Jacob was and still is my all time perfect Borzoi.  He was not just my Houndson, he was my son.  Conformation, soundness, disposition, health.. he was and will be my ideal.  The photo, down below, of him and I moving out.. he was only 13 months old there.  
Jacob was only 4 years young when he was laid to rest after a terrible fatal accident … he was T-Boned by a German Shepard leaving him to bleed out in his spine…paralyzing him from his waist down.  I drove him to a top Neurologist Surgeon in Sacramento, California.. there was nothing to be done for him and the decision to let him go was so painfully heartbreaking, but … Jacob was euthanized humanely and my heart still longs for his smiles, his love and his devotion to me.  Until we meet again, my son, I love you with all my heart. Momma

Photo Gallery Of Jacob along with Win Photos & Highlights

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