Lynda & Bill Sarman

A Dream – Praise God – A Reality

42+ years ago the most gorgeous site I have ever seen, two incredibly elegant looking creatures were in my view. Never seeing this breed in person before, I inquired as to what I was feasting my eyes upon thus a gentleman replied “Borzoi” and wistfully they were all out of sight! Never even imaging that I could acquire such an magnificent animal, years passed before it was time!

Much appreciation goes to my brother, Greg, as he built my computer in which gave me access to a powerful tool – the web. At last onward to finding out more about Borzoi from the AKC web page.  What a wonderful reference and full of confirmation as to how and why’s of acquiring this breed.

After contacting the BCOA secretary, Mrs. Karen Mays, she informed me as to what breeders in our area were “interviewing” for a possible sale of one of their puppies!!  First on my list was Laurie and Tom Kasowski who were very instrumental in pointing us towards Christine Bradley – Virshina.  I do not know how I would be able to thank them enough for changing my life – making a dream a reality!

Second, a huge “thank you” to Jennifer Beach-Buda – how many emails and questions did I send to her and yet she still was gracious.  Words cannot even begin to thank her enough for her passion and love of this breed.  Thank you, Jennifer, for all your time and energy in assisting me to find out more about Borzoi.

Now – Chris, not only had one litter of puppies, but two!!  22 puppies!!  We embarked upon eleven, as she had already had the others placed in their respected homes.  What a sight!!  JOY!!  Eleven four month old puppies!!  Not even expecting that one would be mine, we savored every moment on the ground allowing the puppies to lick and jump on us until one puppy laid by my side and looked at the others as to say “This is mine new found family!!”  Chris smiled and stated that this boy is mine if I would like to acquire him!!  Disbelief!!  Shock!!

What an beautiful boy and he is ours!!  Chris and her life partner, Sherry Neigum became close friends and now, Chris left this world to join her Mum and is waiting for us all with all her gorgeous Borzoi… Thank you, Sherry for allowing us the pleasure to meet you both and for you to share your babies with us- such JOY….and now, our first Houndson “Yuri”, given name by my former boss, David Kurtzman from Aspen Realty, who stated, ” how about Yuri Gagarin the first cosmonaut – the first man in space??” Perfect!!   This was my first Borzoi;  Virshina Above The Redwoods.

This is my story – my new beginning of JOY, which is how I chose “Radost”.  A dear wonderful friend of mine, who was half Russian, helped me to find the right kennel name.  I asked Bebe if she would say and then give me the spelling of all sorts of words.  Nothing sounded right until I asked how do you say JOY… her response was Radost… and spelled it this way, so this is how Radost came to be!  Our Kennel name Radost has been accepted and registered with AKC as of July 2010 and I have become a AKC Breeder of Merit since 01/2011.  We are so honored.


Now…… Bill and I… We have known each other since the 7th grade, meeting in Gardnerville, Nevada where we attended school.  We were buddies in High School and Bill was one of my dearest friends.

A special thank you to Karen Kozimko Buck, who along with others, formed our 40th High School reunion.. on July 21, 2012, Saturday.  To make a long story short, if it wasn’t for Barbara Binder, my dear friend/sister and Jan McMinn, Jean Patten, for taking care of my doggies and Barb allowing me to use her car, I would have never gotten to our reunion thus meeting up with my Billy again!  The rest…. well, it is what dreams are made of…yes, dreams do come true…William Fredrick Sarman asked if he could kiss me on July 24th, 2012 and as God as my witness…I woke up…it is a true loves kiss.  I knew that I would be with Bill for all eternity.  On March 15, 2013 Bill and I made it official…. we were joined as one by another dear friend that I have known since 1960!  Pastor Richard Lammay.  Friends, family and God attended this blessed occasion….magical, to say the least.  Praise God…it only took me 58 years to get it right!  FYI…I would not change my pass and the people who had become my family and friends.  They will remain forevermore… I have learned lots of life’s precious lessons.

I was loved and have some great friends and family that have truly blessed me; now us.

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