Radost BorzoiEmoji Philosophy

I have delved and studied this magnificent breed since 1980 by traveling to homes, texting, e-mailing, etc,  of some of the top breeders in the country and all over the world hoping to learn as much as I can from them, then reading recommended informative books on genetics, structure, movement, etc.  I have acquired as many photos breeders have and will send me; some have become my valued mentors!  This is so valued to Radost Borzoi, to obtain as much useful information as possible from past and present Breeders we respect.  Now, because of this, our first Borzoi was not acquired until January 1997 and since then I am proud to have bred, co bred, four litters at Radost and co-bred two other litters, with hopefully an exciting breeding on the way!  Radost Borzoi has bred/owned, co-owned top some conformation Borzoi here in the USA and in England, thus having the Top Winning Borzoi in the UK 2018, 2019- no showing in 2020 due to COVID restrictions,  then in 2021!!!  We have bred Specialty winning Borzoi, top Group placing, as well as Therapy Borzoi, Canine Good Citizen Borzoi, lure-coursing, tried agility, Rally-O and wonderful companions!

One important issue we do strive for in our kennel is health testing.  Radost BorzoiEmoji tries to obtain all information on our Borzoi genetic background… we use AKC and Embark, which this statement is taken from Embark’s website:  “Embark DNA test screens for genetic mutations, provides genetic diversity information linked to health outcomes, and contributes to new research dedicated to improving the lives of dogs.”  They, as well as Radost BorzoiEmoji, strives to help manage the health of our dogs today and we hope to enable better health for our breed of tomorrow.  We feel it is so important to help assist in doing all we can and we thus we do understand nothing is fool proof. No, you cannot put a Dam and a Sire in a blender and get just the perfect match, however we try to delve into these selected Borzoi pedigrees, both, question as many breeders that are in both pedigrees to give us as much health, temperament, structure information, then we write all down and try our best to enable all to know what we have learned-anyone who wants to know or are interested in acquiring one of our future hopefuls.  Now, granted, not all Breeders will give you all the information, so we are very specific in asking important questions that we would like to note to hopefully assist in bettering our breed, thus assisting us in always learning!

This is what we strive for at Radost BorzoiEmoji Kennel:

  • Health & Longevity
  • Temperament
  • Soundness / Balance
  • Conformation / Structure
  • Selection of Good Homes

To learn more about the Borzoi Breed Standard & Borzoi Code of Ethics, visit the following websites:

Borzoi Club of America – Breed Standard
Borzoi Club of America – Code of Ethics

Prima with her Momma Lynda

Prima with her Momma Lynda

See how breeder/AKC judge Barbara Binder (Borzoi del Viento) determines the quality of our breed.

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