Radost Translates To “Joy” In Russian…. And That Is What Our Borzoi Bring Us.

Radost Borzoi is owned by Lynda & William “Bill” Sarman.  Lynda has been an AKC Breeder of Merit since 2011, a member of the Borzoi Club of America since 1999 and a member of the Borzoi Club of Northern California since 1997-Life Member.

In August 2010, the American Kennel Club registered our kennel name “RADOST®.” (We renew every 5 years with AKC.)

Radost Borzoi kennel is located at Bill and Lynda’s personal ranch, “Ruby Seitz (DBA)” on just shy of 35 acres in northern Nevada’s beautiful region of the Ruby Mountains.

Radost Borzoi renewal registration 0820

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